Monday, November 17, 2008

is it still too early?

my detached keyboard isn't working properly, so i am typing on the laptop keyboard and its so small and crowded that i know i'll have a million spelling mistakes to correct when i'm done typing this. its bothering me dreadfully.

the day i was craving samosas was also the day that i went to the store to buy a chicken for dinner, but couldn't properly finish the task because my son decided to have his first ever real-life temper tantrum in the middle of the grocery store. he had seen some fire trucks parked outside the store and, even though i let him stand and gawk at them for at least 5 minutes, he very much disliked the fact that he couldn't stand and gawk at them while in the grocery store. no amount of holding, bribing, snack offering, tickling, or ignoring seemed to calm his screams. i finally got to experience the moment of being "that mother" who could not control her child. i walked all the way to the meat department, realized that his choking sobs were not about to subside anytime soon, left the chicken there, walked out of the store and drove home. that whole episode completely threw me and i had no idea what else to make for dinner, so when josh got home, i convinced him that i absolutely needed to curb my craving by getting oriental food for dinner. i thoroughly enjoyed 4 tasty, crunchy and over-priced spring rolls, which are still making my mouth water just thinking about them.

since this christmas will be our first christmas spent with my family (insert fanatically excited cheer here), josh and i are sort of forgetting the regular buying gifts for each other deal. instead, we've each picked a few things we really want for christmas and we're buying them for each other here and there and giving them to one another right away. this helps us out by not spending a fortune all at one time. on saturday we were in target and josh bought me a couple of new christmas cd's for my christmas presents. when it comes to christmas music, i'm usually listening to it as early as november 1st! however, this year i've found that i must be starting to get used to this whole american timetable thing. it seems a little silly to be starting christmas when we haven't even had thanksgiving yet! mind you, i still think that thanksgiving takes place waaaaay too late and should be bumped up to the middle of november, but i also think that the canadian way of celebrating thanksgiving in early october now sounds absurd. anyhow, for some reason i couldn't bring myself to play any christmas music so early on in november. i had brought my entire christmas cd collection downstairs weeks ago to enjoy whenever i felt like it, and today was the very first day that i finally played one. it still felt a little strange to be listening to christmas music in the middle of this heat wave we're having (its supposed to reach 94 degrees today) but sarah mclachlan's gorgeous voice singing "song for a winter's night" seemed to add a touch of cinnamon and spice to the air. (okay, so maybe that was the christmas-y scented candle i was burning to add to the mood, but it helped a little)

this little one is still making my stomach do flip flops nearly all day long, and its been getting worse in the evenings. my hair (newly chopped) is no longer falling out at such an alarming rate as it has been, and my nails are now growing at record speed. i've had to start undoing the button on my "loose" jeans and i'm thankful for the friend who has lent me her bella band, which allows me to wear my tighter jeans unbuttoned and unzipped. this definitely did not happen so early with my first pregnancy, but i had heard enough to expect it. i will start taking belly pictures next week, when i reach 12 weeks. praying that magic number with vanquish my queasiness as well :)


Shannon said...

The bella band (I had a different version) rocks. I wish I had that with the other pregnancies!!

Christmas keeps coming, no matter how much I hide!

SOrry about the tantrums, I'm dealing with them too and it is wearing me out. I don't know what to do. Let me know if you find the cure.

Heather said...

Thank you for the kind words on my last post Heidi. And congratulations on #2 :) ... I had to read your comment twice to figure it out. Wishing you all the best with this one.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Heidi!

That's great that you're coming home for Christmas! How long are you out for? I haven't bugged you the last few times that you've been out because I know you have so many people to catch up with. I'd love to see you and your family, though. I bet Tristan and Brenna would have a blast together! Do you think it's possible?

Have a great day!

Adams family said...

Im glad to hear that I am not the only one that has started listening to Christmas music, I love this time of year.