Saturday, May 02, 2009


i have been craving sweet, juicy watermelon for a few days now, ever since i saw an ad in our grocery store flyer that they were on sale. so yesterday, when josh took tristan to pick up a few groceries, i asked him to pick a watermelon up for me. while at the store, he called me and asked "umm, how do you know which one to pick?" i told him the thumping method that i usually use, though i don't have much faith in it, since the watermelons i pick are not always very tasty. "just pick 3 and thump on each one with your finger, and...nevermind. just pick a watermelon that looks good to you." after tristan was asleep, and i was treated to a most luxurious sit-down shower (i tell you, i will NEVER take being clean for granted again; taking a shower while pregnant with a broken leg can be quite the ordeal) all i could think about was biting into a piece of that watermelon.

seeing that my right foot was so swollen it looked like a balloon ready to explode (i'm supposed to keep it elevated as much as possible) didn't deter me from my craving. i set to work cutting up that watermelon until i had a large bowl full of bite sized pieces of juicy pink goodness. i now know that josh will be in charge of all future watermelon purchases. it truly was the best watermelon i've ever tasted! because it was SO good, i felt as if i couldn't stop eating it. i ate a whole lot of it before finally feeling as if i'd had my fill. i suppose i could blame pregnancy brain for causing me to forget how watermelon goes right through a person. i was up every 2 hours or so throughout the night, using the bathroom. of course, frequent peeing sort of comes with the whole pregnancy territory, but this was a bit much. lets not forget that, apart from having to haul my big old belly out of bed like a beached whale trying to find the ocean, i had to then manouver around the bed and to the bathroom with my walker, hopping as i went. yes, hopping which really does not help the full bladder situation.

despite such a sleepless night, i can totally see myself enjoying another heap of watermelon tonight. i'm at the point in my pregnancy where i feel as if i have no control over my cravings. i've had a sweet tooth big time lately, and though i've tried to keep it under control by eating a ton of fruit, there are some days when i just have to chomp through a whole roll of lifesavers before i feel satisfied. if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you may remember that while pregnant with tristan, i gained a whopping 65lbs by giving in to any and every craving i had. this time, i've been much more aware of my weight gain and what i'm eating, but being on near bed-rest for the past 7 weeks has taken its toll. though i'm eating less than i would be if i was more active, i'm really not burning many calories throughout the day, and the weight is really starting to pile on. with just over a month left in my pregnancy, i doubt that i'll surpass my amazing weight gain from last time, but i may be sort of close. just out of interest's sake, i peeked into my archives the other day to find a pregnant picture of myself at around the same point i am now. i found this one and discovered that, though i didn't look as big all around as i do now, my belly sure stuck out a lot further. i wasn't sure what to make of that observation and i know that endless comparing won't do me any good, so i'm going to keep on focusing on eating a good variety of healthy food throughout the day as well as getting off the couch a much as i can without my foot turning into a water balloon again.


Grandma J. said...

Now I'm hungry for watermelon! Saw some in a ladie's cart today. Mmmm.
Hope your day is going well, was nice to chat with you abit this morning. XO

Bonnie said...

Mmm I love watermelon too. Once I get craving it I'll eat it until I feel sick. It's not fun getting up numerous times a night to go to the bathroom. That's still fresh in my memory from a few months ago. You're almost done!

running wildly said...

Ode to the watermelon. Why is it so appealing to us preggers? I'm on a strawberry and watermelon kick. Can't get enough. It's shocking how much we can pack back if we put our minds to it.
Here's me holding up a piece of juicy delicious water melon in your direction. Cheers!