Wednesday, January 13, 2010


that's the way i feel after my parents leave. they've been here dozens of times, and i still, STILL feel down in the dumps after we say our goodbyes and they drive off, back to the rainy north. yesterday we had been telling tristan that grammie and grandad were going to go bye bye in an airplane back to canada. we told him that a lot, but he still started crying after they left. up until then i had been pretty proud of my lack of tears, but his crying set me off. and then, trying not to let him see me cry made it even worse! so we hugged and talked about how in 3 more months (lots and lots of sleeps) we'll get to fly in an airplane to canada and stay at grammie and grandad's house. that made him happy....until about 10 minutes later when he asked, "where grammie grandad go?"

i do have a few posts in mind, one is a recipe post, but have no motivation to do a long one at the moment. i'm currently trying to stay on top of posting on 3 different blogs. i'm a member of 2 weight loss blogs, one being the "healthy chicks r us" blog i started years ago, and the other one being a "biggest loser at home" challenge blog, where the winner wins quite a hefty amount of cash! i need all the motivation i can get right now, especially after my first week on weight watchers didn't quite yield the results i was hoping for.

i'll be back soon with a more cheerful sounding post. i promise.


Grandma J. said...

Hugs and kisses flying your way - from the Very Rainy North country. xxoo

Hotshot's Wife said...

Remember "Good-byes" are forever. You'll "See them soon" is better and encouraging. Today is a cold cloudy day which makes you feel more gloomy. Hang in there.

Becky said...

I know how you feel; it's always so hard saying goodbye. Here's to counting down the days until you can see them again!

Lovella ♥ said...

I'm so sorry you have to say goodbye so often. I can't imgaine having to say goodbye to my grandkids for long periods of time. We have a hard enough time getting them into the car as it is.
As for your goal .. .keep working at it girl. If you take it off slowly it will likely stay off as opposed to a quick fix. You can do it.

Jennifer said...

It is tough especially when the little one is picking up on your emotions, visible tears or not.

When this happens to me I dive right into being busy. Housework, sewing a billion crafts or errands whatever it takes to keep the mind off it.
One doesn't belong away from family. Even though they may drive you nuts at the same time.
Personally, I'll never, never, never, never, never move away from home again. Just gotta get back first.
Or, I may just move into your neighbourhood!

Rebecca said...

Hey Heidi-I didn't know you were such the blogger. Very cool. I am new to this whole thing myself. trying to get a jumpstart on my career.

We still need to do lunch or dinner some time. Maybe we can get Paula to join : )

Looking forward to reading your future posts!