Friday, January 08, 2010

me being real again

i honestly can't handle looking at those chocolates every time i check on my blog, so i decided to post this picture of my kitchen counter instead. hopefully it will remind me what i should be doing instead of sitting here on the computer. it doesn't always look this way, but my dishwasher is broken and i never knew i hated hand washing dishes so much until now. please don't click to enlarge, its pretty gross.

thank you all for your chocolatey comments. i think jill's was my favorite. i bought some dark chocolate yesterday, which i sucked to death in the evening. it was perfect.


Miranda said...

Don't worry, my kitchen is just like that at the moment cause I also hate washing dishes. I am the broken dishwasher here

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

There is a reason God made paper plates you know...and be sure to put an identifying rubber band on one glass per person. That way only four cups should be in play for washing on any regular day.

Do the Mennonite thing: fill up the sink with soapy water and dump dishes in it all day long. (Water does not have to be hot to clean dishes, only to make hands feel better while doing dishes.)

When the sink is full, pull the plug, refill with clean water, soak, then run dishes under water if needed.

Stack dishes to dry in broken dishwasher. you won't have dirty dishes on your countertops at least. Feel better?

Lauren Williams said...

Heidi. well i havent tried this but i saw on a commercial that you can freeze those yogurt yoplait whips, so maybe you could do that wiht a chocolate one? and it could be like choc frozen yogurt? just a thought?

Lovella ♥ said...

A .. hem . ..and pray tell .. who's home has Jill seen that in? Why doesn't she just announce to the world that I belch at the table and slog my half rinsed dishes back to the table?
I must claify that I do say excuse me. .and also. .today at lunch . .my beloved stopped eating . .and then calmly announced. .a small burp and then announced he's lost a pound. . so there. . .(with a smile)

kelly ens said...

i had dark chocolate after lunch today (haha, couldn't wait until dinner!). it's Lindt with chili...sweet with some spice. i LOVE it!

ps. my dishwasher works and my counter STILL looks like that!!!

Jessica said...

I have dishwasher envy. But I'm really good friends with my yellow rubber gloves. They would help. Well. At least until your dishwasher is up & running again ;-)

Cara said...

Hi Heidi,
Sorry about your dishwasher. I know how much time washing by hand takes cause we lived for years without a dishwasher. I'd post verses to memorize by the sink...I should do that again.
A note about a broken dishwasher. You can use it as a drying rack. We did this while housesitting my grandparents' place years ago and their dishwasher didn't work well at all. I could do a whole load by hand and have 'God do the drying' while they sat in the open dishwasher.
Anyway, my chocolate idea for you:
I make chocolate when I need some and don't have any...
-Peanut butter
-maple syrup or honey
-cocoa powder
Bascially, something oily, something sweet and cocoa powder. Mix up together in a mug (just what I use) and eat with a spoon :)
Almond butter would be good too. It may be an aquired taste, but I like it. This recipe reminds me of a healthful fudge recipe I have too. Email me if you want it and I can try and dig it up. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps your household needs to repent for breaking Scriptural rules. Heidi: have you been washing dishes? So not scriptural!
Apologize to your husband for upsurping his rightful place as the man of the household, and let him model proper manly behaviors to his sons.

See II Kings 21:13 for guidelines. Specifically says "man" and not "woman".

I guess that year at Bible College wasn't enough to understand all of what Scripture says about being a fully reverent household.

Anonymous said...

PS: KJV of course.

heidi said...

dear anonymous: i think you've visited my blog before, years ago on my post about my husband's facial hair. thanks for making me laugh yet again. as for making my husband do all the dishes? yeah, i'll get right on that.

Anonymous said...

miss a: i am the husband of heidi and also the head of this household and i will take full responsibility. as for your comment both in its context and under anonymous, i must void it's usefulness, though it has none. if you cannot add your name and your own responsibility to your words i must cast it aside to the trash. i am so glad you commented on the fact that we must repent for our "sins", sure did get a kick out of that. you must have searched quite hard for that reference since it holds "so much weight in the household", at least to how you explained it. maybe a year of Bible school would help you to learn the phrase hermeneutics.
May God grant you clarity.
Husband & Father
P.S. please come forth as i would love to discuss "your" issues.

Shannon said...

maha. looks normal to me.

It is the funny part of blog world though. Most of the time we think everyone else must have it way more together and organized than us. But we all have days or weeks where the dishes pile up and the toddler has been wearing the same pajamas for 3 days.