Thursday, February 04, 2010

what's new?


-samuel has 2 little itty bitty teeth. they are the most adorable things i've ever seen. (except for when he thinks its fun to bite me with them)

-i have reached exactly one month of my weight loss journey and have lost 6 pounds so far.

-josh and i booked our tickets for our 2 week canadian trip in april. CANNOT WAIT! and praying that it won't rain the entire time, though it probably will anyway.

-my computer is having issues and refuses to upload any photos, which is a little worrisome. that will explain why the boys' blog hasn't been updated since christmas (for the 4 of you that actually check the boys' blog)

-i took the boys down to san diego today to meet up with an old friend who is also kind of, sort of, but not really related to me (her sister married my brother). anyhow, it was great to see aimee and spend a few hours with her. tristan was enamored with the ocean and the boats and the "heppercoppers" that kept flying over our heads. i also rode with him on a carousel which delighted his little heart. i got a picture of aimee and me especially for blogging purposes, but like i've already said, my computer is having issues.

-i've discovered that being 30 for one week is a lot less traumatic than being 30 for one day. i'm feeling much better, thanks in part to all of your sweet comments on my last post. josh did an amazing job of surprising me over the weekend by taking me out to my favorite restaurant, where we met up with some great friends and shared some amazing food. my husband rocks.

-i found an even better recipe than the last one i posted for chocolate meringue cookies. they are only 1 point for 2 cookies and simply melt in your mouth.

-i think i know about 10 different ladies who just discovered they were pregnant, all within the past month. many of them were surprised. i have nothing to be nervous about, but find myself becoming nervous anyhow.

-we are all caught up on watching the previous seasons of LOST and are now able to watch this final season live. we are loving it.

-its not even 7:00pm yet and both boys are fast asleep. i'm going to go spend some time with that awesome man of mine :)


Grandma J. said...

Enjoy your evening, I just discovered a new post to read (yours) and my evening has been enriched. Love you.

Leanne said...

Hey - do you have rules for who gets an invite to your boys' blog? Are all the pics the same as on facebook?

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Fab job on the diet! Was the merry-go-round the one at Balboa Park or ????

heidi said...

jill: it was the merry-go-round at seaport village. josh proposed to me at seaport village!

leanne: the "rules" for the boys' blog is that i have to have met you in person. all of the pictures on fb are on that blog, but there are a ton more pictures and videos on the blog than on fb.

running wildly said...

I am not pregnant. Just in case you were wondering.
And now I'm wondering who all these 10 women are! Do I know them?
I wonder if it's contagious. Yeek!

Claire said...

would LOVE the recipe of your new cookies! I'm 6lbs down too on WW!! Way to go girl!

Jealous that you got to see Aimee too! And we are also loving LOST!!!

Bonnie said...

6lbs! That's great!