Wednesday, March 17, 2010


there is nothing cuter to me right now than my baby's six tiny little teeth. (okay, maybe the swirl of dark hair on the back of his head is a bit cuter, but not by much). there is also nothing sharper to me than my baby's six tiny little teeth when he decides he's had enough to drink and chomps down with his teeth to let me know. oh my word, the pain. the word WEAN is the first thought in my brain during those moments of recovery while i yelp, and reprimand him sternly, "no biting mommy!" he cries every time, as if he is full of remorse and repentance and somehow i fall for his crocodile tears only to be bitten all over again.

last week he was standing, holding onto me while i was sitting outside in the grass and before i knew it he had a big chunk of my arm between his teeth and was biting down hard. i still have a bruise. i remember tristan going through a biting phase, but i don't remember it lasting this long or happening as frequently. i may have to start flicking his cheek with my finger whenever he bites me, though i really don't want to.

on saturday i bent down to sit on the floor in order to fold the millionth load of laundry that day and somehow i did something to my back and now my sciatic nerve is really bothering me. i have to go down the stairs extremely slowly because it hurts so much and when i first get up from a chair i walk like a little old lady for awhile. oh, those months of insurance covered chiropractor visits seem like a beautiful fantasy right about now. too bad that's all used up.

oh wow, is this post ever turning into a whining post! i just read what i had written so far and really wanted to just delete the whole thing and forget about it, but no, i will post this because it is real. and while i'm at it, i may as well get a few more things off of my chest:

* at this point in my life, i would rather clean toilets than try to get my baby to nap or fall asleep for the night. some days everything works great, but other days i get 30 minute naps and night wakings every hour. i am so over it already.

* really, who was this ding dong who came up with the brilliant idea for the time change? its ridiculous. i have to say that i didn't mind tristan's normal 5:30am morning exchanged for a 6:30 morning, but beyond that, its just messes everything up for someone like myself who lives her life by the clock. i'm messed up, my kids are messed up and i really want to mess up the person responsible!

* we went from having 60 degree weather here to the thermometer reaching 80 degrees today. i am not prepared for summer yet, it is MARCH for crying out loud. please, please, please let me stay covered up in my jeans and hoodies for a couple more months before i'm forced to bare my arms and legs to the public. (i'm not sure who i'm pleading to....the weatherman perhaps, though i guess pleading to God may give me more favorable results)

* speaking of baring arms and legs...get ready, i'm going to brag a little bit here.... i have just reached my first weight loss goal of 15 pounds! i am sitting here wearing size 8 jeans and feeling very happy about that. since the "biggest loser at home" contest i'm competing in goes on for another 5 weeks, i'm thinking that losing 20 lbs by my sister's wedding may be a possibility all of a sudden. i'm going to keep the dress alterator busy the day before the wedding!

there. i vented a bit and ended on a positive note. i feel much better.


Jessica said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I think you look awesome!

And I 100% agree about the time change. Just when I was in the groove of waking up at 6:00 & actually being on time for school I'm back to square one. It was nice while it lasted but I do love having a bit more sunshine in the evenings!

Kathy said...

Congrats on the weight loss!

I remember sharp little teeth. Both Cara and Aimee started, and would not quit, biting me when they were nine months old. What can I say - weaning happened. Really, all they would do was bite with a little sucking in between. OUCH - what you said. Those same girls who bit me have successful nursed babies way longer than me. Good for them and their nipples of steel! (Oh, did I just say that on your blog?!)

Seriously, I'm thrilled for their success.

Alvin & Denise Engler said...

flick him!! doooo it.

can we say... tit for tat? haha

Neha said...

The biting sounded careful though. Also, take care of the back...get some therapy before it gets worse!
And big big congratulations onthe weight loss....would you share the tips...please? :)

Amylee Adams said...

I totally agree about the time change, I feel like Ive lost part of my days but I do like that it is still light when James gets home.
Awesome about the weight loss, your kicking butt!

Julie said...

Good job at the weight loss!! That put a huge smile on my face when I read that!

Rebecca said...

Sorry to hear about your back. Hope it gets better.

I always hate the time change the first week or so. It feels like jet-lag or something. But I do love the fact that now I can take walks in the evening or eat dinner out on my porch in optimal weather and daylight conditions. Sublime!

Good news on your weight loss. Keep it up. Do you do any of those Last Chance Workout DVD's? My roommate has some and Jillian and Bob kick her butt!

Talk to you later. Cheers to spring!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

You lost 15 lbs...and how much does Samuel weigh now? Isn't that crazy?

You will be gorgeous at the wedding! Tristian would be cute as a ring bearer...just sayin' is all.

J'lene said...

Yeah Heidi! I didn't know you were doing the "biggest loser at home". Are those the Jillian DVD's you were talking about? That is so awesome! You look fabulous as always :)

dj kosmotronix said...

Congratulations on reaching weight loss goal #1!! I've lost 10lbs so far, but am nowhere near size 8....jeepers. I'll feel great if I can make it to size 10 by Cherie's wedding. :)

Well done on your hard work!


kelly ens said...

OW to the biting :(
BOO to the sleep struggles.
YAY to the weight loss!